Our Business

Who We Are

We are a young computer science business operating in Quebec city. Our specialty is programming and we are especially proud of our strength in online data management.
MX2 has assembled a team of passionate professionals who are constantly on the lookout for the newest technological innovations in order to serve you better.


Our History

MX2 was founded in 2009 by Manuel Bergeron and Michel Gagné, two programmers who met in college. Their company name was inspired by the common initial of their first names. MX2 is M to the power of 2. Today the company is lead by Manuel Bergeron, a computer programming addict since he was twelve. The decades of experience
combined with years of education have resulted in awards for Manuel and has enabled the business to become a leader in its field. In order to remain on the cutting edge, the company has built a team of professionals that will endeavour to meet every challenge.


Our company is able to design everything in-house and quickly turned towards web design due to the high demand for expertise in the field. Since its inception, MX2 has developed many additional skillsets in order to create web pages and applications that customers can control without the help of a programmer, all at a competitive price.


Our Mission

Today, people are buying and learning on the internet more than ever before yet only a small percentage of Quebec companies have an online presence. This leads to a loss of sales in the billions of dollars across the province. One of our priorities is to aid Quebec in becoming a major player on the Internet. We want to help Quebec businesses to grow while growing with them. We also want to offer our customers the very best at the very best price.