Information About Our Servers

In order to offer you a high quality service, we offer you the best in server infrastructure. To fulfill our commitments, we have established a list of essential requirement which we ensure to respect.

  • A high service availability
  • A foolproof data storage
  • A secure environment
  • A complete autonomy
  • A high level of reliability
  • Maximum performance
  • Peace of mind

The Technologies

To meet these requirements, MX2 and its partners use several technologies. Here is the list of technologies classified according to their usefulness.

Infrastructure and Environment

  • Availability of complete redundant power supplies: Generators, UPS, dual power supplies, etc..
  • An air conditioning system connected to a redundant power assisted generator in case of power failure.
  • Secured area and monitored access procedures to ensure a peace of mind. Security guard on site 24 hr / 7 days.
  • Proactive systems to prevent fire with FM200 gas.
  • Centers located in Quebec City with redundant bandwidth access for better reliability and speed.
  • Several links from various suppliers to provide a full redundancy in the event of a broken link. Redundant routers and switches ensure our servers will remain connected to the Internet.
  • Access to a broadband Internet network 'multi carriers' connections throught multiple Ethernet Gigabit/s optical fiber.
  • 100% availability target service with optimal latency and high bandwidth.

Computers and client environment

  • Our servers are running on CentOS Linux environment entirely secured using SSL and SSH protocols.
  • All disks that store the data are used in RAID to replicate your data across multiple disks. If one of them has to stop working for any reason, a second take over.
  • A partial server backup is performed 3 times per week and a full backup is performed once a month on different hard disks from those used for your data.
  • You get cPanel and WHM environment allowing you to quickly and easily manage your services.
  • Our servers are new and are made of the best in components quality and power.
  • We prefer to buy new servers rather than overloading them, by this way we guarantee excellent performance.